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English 207
Dr. K. Siddique
Phone: 7515
University Hall - Room 302
Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday 3:00- 4:00 PM

Faculty Outcomes:

English 207 is the first half of a two semester course designed to introduce students to masterpieces in world literature. English 207 takes as it province literature from ancient times to the seventeenth century.
As part of Lincoln's core curriculum, the course will contribute to a broad foundation in the humanities, exposing students to a wide and challenging range of readings.

Student Outcomes Expected:

1. Introduce students to the literary accomplishments of different cultures.
2. Expose students to a chronological sequence of landmark works which illustrate the ways men and women have perceived themselves and their world.
3. Acquaint students with the basic concepts and terms of literary analysis.
4. Reinforce expository writing skills.
5. Encourage students to develop critical thinking skills in their approach to interpreting literature.

Required Text:

Mack et al., eds. The Norton Anthology of World Masterpieces, expanded edition.

Required Outcomes:
1. Active participation in class activities (including group activities)
2. Reading of all assigned texts (measured in part by quizzes)
3. Total of 6-7 pages of formal student writing, at least one essay written in class
4. Two summary/response assignments based on secondary critical readings
5. A memorized lyric poem
6. An oral report
7. A midterm exam
8. A final exam


The English Department adheres strictly to the University policy: students are permitted three absences (including excused absences). Cuts in excess of three will result in lowered final course grades. Students entering the class after attendance has been taken will be marked late. Three lates equal one cut.


Class Participation: 25%
Oral Presentation: 10%
Summary Response: 15%
2 Exams 25% each


Week 1 Beginning to AD 100
Creation Myths from Various Cultures (historical)
-African (handout)
Gilgamesh p.10-41
Week 2 "Genesis" p. 48-56
Week 3 "Popul Vuh" p. 1742 - 1759
Week 4 Homer's "Iliad" p. 126-138
Week 5 Job p. 71-81
Week 6 "Oedipus The King" p. 388-432
Essay 1 due
Week 7 Mid-term exam
Week 8 AD 100 to AD 1500
-selections from the "Koran" p. 871-883
-African epic, "Sundiata" (also called "The Mali Epic of Son-Jara" in text)
p. 1437-1474
Week 9 From Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales" p. 1204-1216
Week 10 AD 1500 to AD 1650
Cervantes' "Don Quixote" (selections) p. 1523-1548
Week 11 Hamlet p.1629-1726
Oral Presentation
Week 12 Final Essay
Week 13 "Paradise Lost" selection
Week 14 Revision
Week 15 Final Exam