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Lincoln University: Department of English & Mass Communication
ENG 214.01 : Literary Criticism
Fall 2011 Syllabus
Instructor: Dr. Kaukab Siddique
Office 302 UH | Phone Ext : 7515
Campus Email : ksidd37398@aol.com
Office Hours: Mon-Wed 2pm-4pm

Eng214 has the following objectives:
  1. Assist students to develop skills for informed criticism of literary texts
  2. Expose students to major trends in literary criticism from Plato to Derrida
  3. Familiarize students with major critical concepts and literary terms that can enrich appreciation, interpretation, and evaluation of literary texts.
  4. Expose students to major critical theories that influence practical literary criticism
  5. Provide students with skills that will facilitate and enrich their appreciation and understanding of literary texts from different parts of the world
  6. Familiarize students with critical vocabularies

Upon completion of this course, students are expected to be able to do the following:
  1. Write interpretive essays on the three belletristic genres of literature
  2. Write critical essays in which they integrate evidence from primary and secondary texts
  3. Discuss in written and oral presentation the evolution of literary theories
  4. Use critical vocabularies to discuss literary texts in poetry, fiction, and drama
  5. Apply in their written and oral presentation theory-specific critical methodologies to the interpretation and evaluation of literary texts.

Charles Bressler, Literary Criticism: An Introduction to Theory and Practice (Fourth edition)
M.H. Abrams, A Glossary of Literary Terms (Ninth edition)
William Shakespeare, Macbeth
Kate Chopin, The Awakening

Student Opportunities
  1. Two research papers = 30%*
  2. Two in-class tests = 15%
  3. Two take-home essays =10%*
  4. Quizzes on literary concepts =10%
  5. Midterm exam = 15%
  6. Final exam = 15%
  7. Book review/oral presentation = 5%

*Each student is expected to use a total of three critical approaches in his or her essays.

Each student is expected to attend class regularly and punctually.
Absences in excess of the three allowed by the university will result in lowered final grade.
Lateness will be penalized; two "lates" will be treated as one absence.
Students are expected to hand in written assignments as and when due.
This is a writing-intensive course.

ACADEMIC INTEGRITY Honesty in the classroom and in the preparation of papers and exams is expected of all students.
Each student has the responsibility to submit work that is incontrovertibly his or her own.
All papers submitted must adhere to the principles of academic integrity.
See Faculty Statement on Academic Integrity for additional information and guidance.


Week 1
Introduction to the course
Elements of literary criticism
Review of MLA documentation style.

Week 2
A Historical Survey of Literary Criticism: Defining Criticism, Chapter 1 of Literary Criticism
Glossary of Literary Terms

Week 3
A Historical Survey of Literary Criticism: Chapter 2 of Literary Criticism
Glossary of Literary Terms

Week 4
New Criticism: Chapter 3 of Literary Criticism

Pre-midterm test

Week 5
Structuralism and Deconstruction: Chapter 5 of Literary Criticism
Glossary of Literary Terms

Topics for first paper due.

Week 6
Psychoanalytic Criticism: Chapter 6 of Literary Criticism

Week 7
First research paper due.

Week 8
Macbeth continued
Introduction to Ethnic criticism
Midterm exam.

Week 9
Feminist Criticism: Chapter 7 of Literary Criticism
Chopinís The Awakening
Submission of topics for second research paper.

Week 10
Post Colonialism and African-American Criticism: Chapter 10 of Literary Criticism and Glossary
The Awakening

Week 11
Cultural Poetics
New Historicism: Chapter 9 of Literary Criticism and reading of selections on page 270 of Literary Criticism
Pre-final test

Week 12
Elements of book review
Presentation of book review

Week 13
Marxist Criticism: Chapter 8 of Literary Criticism

Week 14
Presentation of research paper
Second research paper due.

Week 15
Final exam