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African Americans in Broadcasting: Syllabus
English 322.01
Dr. Kaukab Siddique.
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The purpose of the course is to study and analyze the unique contributions of African-Americans to the broadcast industry. The course will examine the history of African-American participation in the American broadcasting establishment and the trends related to this participation.


Students will be able to achieve four objectives through this course:
1. Describe the historical development of African-Americans in the broasdcasting industry.
2. Discuss the contributions African-Americans made to the recording industry, film industry and new technologies.
3. Identify and explain the historical events which shaped the treatment of African-Americans in contemporary broadcasting, and
4. Analyze the current research on the impact of Broadcasting on African-Americans.

Split Image. Second edition by Jannette Dates and William Barlow, Howard University Press.


* In Class Report and Synopsis. Students will research and present a report to the class on an assigned topic. A synopsis must be presented to the class followed by the written report supplemented by film clips, audio and video cassettes.

* Research Paper. A scholarly research paper is required for the completion of this course. The topic must be related to African-Americans in Broadcasted and should be approved by the instructor.

* Unannounced Quizzes will be given regularly in class. There are NO make-ups for missed quizzes.

Quizzes 25%
Report 25%
Exams 25%
Research Paper 25%

Look up our Academic Integrity statement on the Lincoln University web site.
Regular rules for ATTENDANCE apply: Three cuts allowed.
Three latenesses equal one absence.

Week 1 Introduction. Culture and background.
Week 2 Sidney Poitier research. Lackawanna Blues DVD.
Week 3 "Culture for Sale." Split Image pp.25-129. The Music Industry.
Week 4 "The Film Industry." SI. Pp. 131- 185.
Week 5 "Sounding Out Racism." SI. Pp.189-264
Week 6 "Fly in the Buttermilk." The Television Industry. SI. Pp.267-327.
Week 7 Reports to be presented in class.
Week 8 Mid-Term Exam. Guest Speaker.
Week 9 "Smilin' Faces Tell Lies." The News Industry. SI. Pp. 369-457
Week 10 "Half a Loaf." Advertising and Public Relations. SI Pp.461-522
Week 11-13 Hip Hop. Recording. Student choices.
Week 12-14 Research Paper.
Week 15 Research Paper finalized.
Week 16 Final Examination.